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Presentations & Documents


Unicko allows the host and the presenter to present PDF files, PowerPoint presentations with animations, Word documents and images.

The host can upload all files to the classroom in advance, so that in a session it is not required to use external tools.

When presenting a file, the host can click on the slide or use the keyboard keys (<>) to play animations or page up/down.

Upload File

To upload a file:

  1. Click on Upload File in the Controls panel.
    upload file
  2. Choose the file and click Save/Open.
  3. Wait for the file to upload.

Present File

To present a file:

  • Click on the file in the Controls panel.
    present file

Delete File

To delete a file:

  • Click on the gray trash icon next to the filename in the Controls panel.
    delete file



When presenting a file, the toolbar allows the host to:

  1. Use the virtual laser pointer
  2. Write freehand
  3. Annotate the presentation
  4. Add text
  5. Erase annotations
  6. Copy and Paste from the presentation to the whiteboard
  7. Clear all annotations
  8. Zoom in and out
  9. Choose fit width and fit page
  10. Move from page to page

Copy and Paste to the Whiteboard:

To copy and paste from a file:

  1. Select a file - click on the file in the Controls panel.
  2. Select the selection tool in the toolbar (scissors).
    scissors slideshow
  3. Click and drag to select an area from the file.
  4. Click on the copy button at the bottom of the selection rectangle.
    selection copy button slideshow
  5. Go back to the whiteboard and click on the paste button in the toolbar.