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Unicko is committed to making our products accessible to all users. Learn how we incorporate accessibility features.

Closed Captions

Allows a participant, assigned by the host, to add live closed captioning in a meeting. Learn more.

cc enabled

Multiple Locked Cameras

A meeting host can lock the camera of a sign language interpreter so they are always in view for everyone. Learn more.

lock camera

Keyboard Accessibility

Control your meeting experience with a keyboard. Unicko supports Keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation.

Key Action
PgDn Play next animation or advance to next page
PgUp Return to previous page
Right Arrow (>) Play next animation or advance to next page
Left Arrow (<) Return to previous page
Delete Delete annotations
Ctrl/⌘ + C Copy image or annotations
Ctrl/⌘ + V Paste image or annotations
Ctrl + Shift + A Start/stop audio (microphone)
Ctrl + Shift + V Start/stop video (camera)
Ctrl + Shift + B Open/close breakout rooms menu
Ctrl + Shift + O Open/close more options menu
Ctrl + Shift + X Open/close controls panel
Ctrl + Shift + C Open/close chat panel
Tab Read next focusable item
Shift + Tab Read previous focusable item