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Text Editor


The text editor allows the host and other participants (if allowed) to add text simultaneously.

By default, only the host and the presenter have access to edit, but they can activate Collaborative Editor permission to all participants.

text editor toolbar

The toolbar allows the user to:

  1. Change the font
  2. Change the style of the text
  3. Make the text bold or italic
  4. Underline or strikethrough the text
  5. Change the font color
  6. Change the highlight color
  7. Add a subscript or superscript
  8. Add a numbered or bulleted list
  9. Increase or decrease the indent
  10. Change the alignment of the text
  11. Insert a link
  12. Clear all text formatting
  13. Activate the collaborative text editor

Collaborative Editor

The host can activate collaborative editor permission to allow all participants to edit.
To activate collaborative editor:

  • Click on the collaborative editor button in the text editor toolbar.
    collaborative editor